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Sclerotherapy at Allure Aesthetics MD is a premier solution for those troubled by spider and varicose veins. Spider veins, often resulting from prolonged sitting or standing, exposure to sunlight, hormonal changes, or injuries, are not just cosmetic concerns. They can lead to discomfort, pain, fatigue, and even severe complications like blood clots or open sores on the legs. Varicose and spider veins develop when the tiny valves in veins weaken, allowing blood to accumulate, weakening, and bulging the vein walls.

Sclerotherapy, a minimally invasive procedure, addresses this by causing the veins to clasp together, preventing blood flow. This not only fades or eliminates the appearance of these veins but also improves circulation, reduces swelling, and prevents complications. Most patients witness spider veins disappearing within 3 to 6 weeks, while varicose veins might take 3 to 4 months. For optimal results, 2 or 3 treatments are typically required. Ready to rejuvenate your legs? Schedule your appointment with Allure Aesthetics MD and embrace the beauty of healthy legs.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

  • Minimally invasive with no need for anesthesia.
  • Effectively treats spider veins and certain varicose veins.
  • Reduces symptoms like pain, fatigue, and swelling.
  • Prevents complications associated with varicose veins.
  • Improves leg health and circulation.
  • Quick procedure with immediate return to most activities.
  • Compression stockings aid in recovery and results.
  • Spider veins typically fade within 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Varicose veins show improvement in 3 to 4 months.


Individuals troubled by spider or varicose veins seeking cosmetic and health benefits are ideal candidates.
Spider veins usually fade within 3 to 6 weeks post-treatment, while varicose veins may take 3 to 4 months to show significant improvement.
When properly cared for, the results can last for a long time, depending on individual factors. However, multiple treatments might be needed for optimal outcomes.
Most patients can return to work and most activities the next day. Side effects are minimal, but wearing compression stockings as directed and taking daily walks can help prevent potential side effects.
After the treatment, wearing compression stockings for 2 to 3 weeks is essential, taking daily walks, and following the practitioner’s additional care instructions.
Injections of a chemical are administered to the affected veins, followed by a massage. Compression stockings are then placed on each leg, and patients are observed briefly before being allowed to go home.

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